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Callbox Master Plan

LETA has created a master plan of callbox installations for Larimer County. The master plan allows a collective view of the entire county for emergency callbox installations. Emergency callboxes use satellite, landline, or cellular signal to connect the callbox to the local emergency call center. 

LETA received input from our government partner agencies, stakeholders, and community members to ensure LETA understands areas of concern and the needs of our constituents.

To view callbox master plan, please click HERE. 

Map of current and proposed callbox locations

  • Red callboxes – installations occurring in 2023. Installation dates tentatively scheduled for July-Sept 2023.
  • Orange callboxes – installations occurring in 2024
  • Purple callboxes – current (LETA owned)
  • Blue callboxes – current (owned by outside agency)


Call or Text: (970) 962-2173