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Emergency Alert Info

A logo with "NO CO ALERT" text, mountains inside letters, a circular signal icon, and the Colorado flag elements.

Introducing NOCOalert

Q - What is NOCOAlert 

A – NOCOAlert is a re-branding of the county-wide emergency alert system. The emergency alert system is still funded and maintained by LETA. NOCOAlert has a dedicated website,, for citizens to get information about and sign up for emergency alerts.

Q – I already signed up emergency alerts through LETA, do I need to sign up again with NOCOAlert? 

A – No, your account and settings are all maintained in the underlying emergency notification system and they will remain unchanged.

Q - Are LETA Alerts and NOCOAlert Different? 

A- No, we want to make sure that you can easily sign up for emergency alerts regardless of how you find us. You can sign up here at or, however LETA encourages residents to use the NOCOAlert website as the primary spot to get information about the emergency alert system, view the interactive alert map, and get additional details regarding specific alerts.

Emergency Alerts are utilized by all agencies within Larimer County to get vital life-saving information to the public quickly and efficiently. Emergency Alerts, commonly referred to as a reverse-911, are used when there is an imminent threat to life such as:

  • Missing endangered child (Amber Alert)
  • Missing endangered adult
  • Flooding
  • Wildfire
  • Police activity that would require you to evacuate or take shelter
  • Natural gas leaks
  • Severe threatening weather (rotation in clouds, large hail with cloud rotation, tornado warnings)
Q - Can I receive emergency alerts in languages other than english? 

A – Yes! While all emergency alerts are sent in English, you can download the Reachwell App to receive emergency alerts in over 100 languages. For more information on the Reachwell App and for instructions on how to download the app, please visit our NOCO Alert website HERE

Q - I have a family member who is deaf/hard of hearing. Is there a way for them to receive emergency alerts? 

A – LETA has partnered with DeafLink to provide emergency alerts in American Sign Language (ASL). To learn more about our partnership with DeafLink or to sign up to receive alerts in ASL, please visit our website HERE

Why is it important to sign up for alerts? 
  • The Emergency Alert System receives data from the 9-1-1 database and will automatically send alerts to all landline phones.
  • By signing up you will be able to receive alerts to your mobile phone in the form of texts, voice calls and emails.
  • You can register multiple devices (cell phones, emails etc) and sign up for several different locations that are important to you (i.e. your child’s school or your elderly parent’s house)

The information that you provide will be used for emergency purposes only. LETA will not give or sell your telephone numbers or email addresses to any other vendor or organization.

Emergency Alert Registration Tutorial


Participation in the Opt-In program is entirely voluntary and is subject to conditions, such as periodic renewal or other verification methodologies, that LETA may adopt. To participate in this program for emergency calls you must read and accept the terms of this disclosure and provide the information required.

LETA is not responsible for incorrect information provided by participants in the Opt-In program or for any charges or fees that may be charged to participants by telephone or data service providers as a result of participation in the program. LETA cannot monitor the current of future accuracy of the information provided by participants in this program. It is the sole responsibility of participants to keep any information provided current.

In addition to the foregoing, LETA assumes no legal responsibility for dropped calls, misrouted calls, or other occurrences which may result in notification failures.



Or, if you have already signed up for Emergency Alerts and you want to view or make changes to your settings:



EAS Registration FormOpt-in Disclaimer (PDF)Privacy Policy (PDF)